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Cooking - Steak (Deer/Boar)

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I have searched for this and have not been able to to obtain an answer from that search.

Here is the situation:

I hunt regularly for food and have in my inventory both Boar and Deer Steak. Both of these items are labeled as such, not RAW, just Boar Steak and Deer Steak. So I go to cook them. I created my fire by combining a stick with a rag, then adding 8 stones to make an oven. I lit the fire and it was burning just fine. I then placed a pot in the oven and added 1 piece of Deer steak. I stayed and watched it for about five minutes. The first piece changed colors and looked like a burned piece of meat but the word of the item (Deer Steak) did not change to Cooked Deer Steak. Well since the piece of meat looked bad I discarded it and tried a second piece. I placed it in the pot and watched it for about 5 minutes again. It changed to a nice brown color, however the labeling of the meat did not change. The image of the item looked cooked so I went ahead and ate it. I didn't seem to suffer any ill effects. After about 30 minutes I didn't receive any sick indicators so I am assuming that it was cooked.

I am pretty sure that before .53 the meat was listed as RAW and would be either cooked or burned after you cooked it. Everything I have tried to search on the internet after .53 seems to indicate that the meat should be labeled RAW and then change to Cooked when done but I am not getting this message.

Can anyone confirm that my method seems to be the correct method and there is no "name" change when cooking, but instead only a change to the actual image of the meat?

If needed I will try and get some screenshots today when I get home.

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Yeah. I'm not sure if they've intentionally removed it or if it's a bug, but the names won't change. You have to judge it by the look. When it's brown, it should be good to eat.

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I have never really looked at that, just the color, and I have never had any ill effects from eating it.

Also, I have found that if I log out and back in, cooked meat will look kind of "half burnt" but is still ok.

I never noticed these label changes, so I think you are good if you go by color.

Hope that answers your question. :)

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I've always had it just change color and model, never the name.

I'm sure as long as it looks cooked then it will be fine as I've never got any ill effects from it either.

Is your question answered?

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not sure if you still wants to know. it doesn't change and you can cook with a gas cannister and a cooking pot. just did it

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