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Hello everyone! I am just wondering, İf I wrote a background wit my brother and if we are meeting in these two background. What is gonna happen after his death? I will remember him but he will be dead and he will remember and he will try to find me.What is it gonna happen if he find me?

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Making clear that if you die in game, it does not mean your character is permadead.

As you stated, you would meet eachother again, if you decided to continue your character.

You can rp that your brother was hit, but not lethally.

In rp-terms you would have saved him, or a doctor patched him up. He would have recovered from his wounds.

So you can roleplay his death, more as something liek severely wounded isntead of being really dead (as in permadeath).

Does this answer your question?

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Second part answered my question.Thank you.

Glad that was clarified


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