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Wild D0g

Medical stuff.

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What medical stuff works in day z? I'm carrying antibiotics and charcoal tabs do ether work?

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Guest sebsygama

Both works as inteded but maybe probably be buggy some times (No idea). Charcoal tabs help when your sick and antibiotics probably help if you got a uncleaned wound or something. Never tested either out or ever needed to use any of them, but WOBO has probably done some shit like that or someone else.

Edit: or whatever Ruby just said :D

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As a Chernarussian nurse I feel obliged to answer here:

Everything works just fine! At least when I apply it.

It is a good idea to have some of each medical item with you. Or have a nurse/doctor around you to haul everythign for you (and the rest of your army)

The link submitted by Ruby is a perfect source as well: http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Medical_Supplies


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As far as I know NO for most of them type of medical supplys used for effect only,

Maybe just me but Im no Doctor or effects are slow bug?

Or just use to trade as false items like I do lol.

BUT I Know BB bags work and Syline Blood testing kit defib cleaner to on rags keep morphine use bandages but rags are a better choise

If fall sick eat but drink a lot... tins of Peaches best for all lvls of your stats

If got the shakes make a fire as a splint or morphine will not fix it

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