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Whitelist que?

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sent my whitelist application last night and currently placed 70/315, I was wondering if anyone could give a good judgment on where I would be place out of 100 people due to the amount of characters I wrote;

NLR: 2000 characters, I reached the limit and did an extra few hundred in the additional info

Kos: over 4000 characters, and explained a bit more in additional info

Story: 7300 characters

About myself: 1600

Thanks if anyone helps!

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It's tough to say because there is a lot coming into the equation. Activity, posts, how detailed the other applications are in front of you etc.

Patience is key here. Especially if you have not donated already. Donators can claim a spot in front of you as well.

But 70/315 isn't that bad.. Give it like maybe till the end of the week, depending on how active the admins are :troll:


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Haha, thanks red again, don't worry about it I'm 15/250 :)

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