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Jimmy's poem to the survivors

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*A man is sat at a desk with medical tools near him a candle is the only light in the room as he sits alone in the office with a silver rose necklace sits neatly tucked ontop of an letter messaged to him, tears are in his face

The road ends here, along this home is mine

this town is theirs my family's

the pavement is now cold the road is now bare

but i hear the hearts are still there.

I'm home for the first time in forever

and my friends are here for the last time in eternity

The clinic is my new stand against myself

you may try to control him,Razor

my hidden beast my monster chained and ready to break free into this hell but

he is controlled by Bonnie,Clyde,Alyssa,Aurora and ender those are few of the names who control the monster inside of me

My life is near an end but my love can go on and I

Shall continue to heal for my family and my friends

cause my kindness knows no bounds and my heart doesn't beat for one but for many

and if i am to fall i shall fall alone but with the memories of my friends in my heart for an eternity. for you give me pourpse friends and i give you health and life in return

for this is not just my home but my place of magic and remedies for you my loved ones

for you all thinking there is no hope there is


Jimmy Arthur Rosenfield

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Nice poem Jimmy.

Reminds me of the sad times in life, when the only thing that might cheer me up is to make somebody else smile.

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Love you Jimmy <3

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