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Lucia's Diary (Updated Frequently)

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  • Sapphire

Entry #1 - I've decided to start keeping an audio journal of my day to day activity now that the whole world has gone to hell. I'll try to be as articulate as possible with these recordings. If I die, I want whoever finds them to know that I was capable of proper diction. Might as well be proud of everything I can.

While I'll certainly miss the way life was before this virus or whatever it is started turning people into mindless monsters, I count myself fortunate that what little immediate family I do have were not alive to see the way things have become.

I think I'll miss my friends far more than my parents. I had time to mourn and move on when mom and dad died, but I haven't seen Cynthia, Melissa, or Danny since the outbreak started. I seem to be immune to the virus, and I have occasionally heard gunfire in the distance and seen cars driving on the roads, so I know I'm not the only one, but I'm still afraid to make contact with anyone. A single woman, armed only with a tiny pistol and a hatchet, I probably make a very appealing target for some robber or bandit. For now, I'll stick to the forest and use what dad taught me to survive.

Entry #2 - At least I know I won't starve. It seems like whatever this virus does to people, it doesn't affect animals. I came across a goat wandering through a field. The farm was deserted, so I assume the owner is either dead or one of those things. Either way, the goat provided me with enough meat to last me for a few days, and I saw some rabbits darting into the underbrush a few hours ago.

It's starting to get dark, now. It's a bit chilly, but not unbearably cold. I think I can manage without lighting a fire, which is good, because the last thing I need is more of those monsters coming into the woods to investigate a fire. They remind me of zombies, so I'm going to just start calling them zombies.

Entry #3 - Well, I'm a murderer. I guess? I mean, I just had to shoot one of those zombie things in the face. I didn't even think, I just did it. I keep rationalizing it by telling myself that it wasn't a person anymore, just a mindless monster, but that doesn't help when I look at it and realize that it used to be a man that probably had a job, and a family, and then he got sick and turned into a monster and...I wonder what happened to his family. Did they turn into monsters too? I need to sit down, I don't feel very good right now...

Entry #4 - I've decided that I can live with killing zombies. I spent the night mulling it over, and they're not people anymore. They're just monsters. Beasts. Abominations. Maybe thinking of them as reanimated corpses makes it easier, even though I'm sure that's not technically what they are. Sometimes I wonder if my sanity is going to hold out in this mess.

On a brighter note, I found a rifle in the bedroom of an abandoned house, along with quite a bit of ammunition. Even better, it's an old CZ 550 just like the one dad taught me to shoot. Now I won't have to rely on finding domesticated animals that will let me walk up and shoot them with my pistol. Speaking of pistols, I ditched that little Makarov I had, and now I have a 1911. I don't know if 'bigger is better' when it comes to bullets, but I swear that every single house I come across has a box of ammo for this thing, so I can't really justify not bringing it along!

Entry #5 - While I was searching an old shopping center for supplies, I overheard two guys near a truck talking about some kind of trading post. They said they were heading there, and then drove off to the north. I think I'm going to head in that direction. If there's some semblance of organized society left, I would rather be there than fending for myself. I don't know how much longer my luck is going to last.

Entry #6 - This will be a short entry...nnghh...I'm in a lot of pain and need to rest. Stupid...zombies caught me off-guard. Pinned me in a house. I ...I got beat up pretty bad. Bit a few times, too. I stopped the bleeding, though, I think. God. I'm lucky I'm immune to this...nnhh...this virus, otherwise, I might be one of those bastards. I think I'd rather just die. Now, I need to find a place to hide this ...this recorder, just in case I'm wrong about my self-prognosis.

Entry #7 - My luck seems to be holding out. I'm still really sore, but after a good night's rest and a hot campfire meal of cooked rabbit and a can of baked beans, I think I can start moving again. I really hope that trading post is nearby. At this rate, there won't be any me left by the time I get there.

There's a town down below me, and......whew, they almost saw me. A pickup truck and a car just drove into town. Looks like they're searching it. No idea if they're friendly or not. One of them just got out and he's shooting at a horde of zombies. I'm...oh, shit! What uniforms are those? Oh, God, they're running this way. I need to hide.

Entry #8 - Okay, that could have gone a lot worse. So, I ran my ass off and hid in the woods, but as it turns out, bright white pants don't blend into the vegetation very well. I ran into three men in military uniforms with rifles. I guess I'm lucky, because they didn't hurt me or take me prisoner. They were quite nice, and after making sure that I wasn't an enemy...whatever that means these days...they pointed me in the direction of the trade post. Good thing, too. I was off by about 45 degrees. I need to learn to read a map better.

One of the soldiers said a name. 'Crush'? 'Crash'? 'Coosh'? Damn, I wish I could remember what it was.

Entry #9 - I'm shocked at what I just found. It's a soldier, but his uniform is American. I know that Chernarus has become somewhat of a cultural melting pot in the past decade or two, but there aren't any U.S. military bases here. Does that mean the United States sent soldiers here to fight the infection when it first broke out? Obviously, they weren't successful.

While it pains me to disrespect the corpse of one of my countrymen, especially a soldier, I keep thinking about my last encounter, and how one of the uniformed men told me that my pants gave my position away. The soldier's body is pretty badly decayed. He's been dead for weeks, at least. He's pretty short. I bet his uniform would fit me if I rolled the sleeves and tightened the belt a little. Ugh, this is gonna be gross...

Entry #10 - I'm about to bed down for the night, but at least now it's in a warm tent with food and some degree of protection. I made it to the trading post. It's an odd place, a camp surrounded by a wall of old shipping containers with watch towers and a lot of tents and stalls. The men acted much as one might expect, and I'm starting to realize that there aren't a lot of women amongst the survivors. I wonder if that's because we're more prone to the virus? Maybe the virus just kills women instead of making them into zombies. Come to think of it, I've never seen a female zombie before.

After the initial catcalls, the men were actually quite kind to me. One of them, a gentleman calling himself 'Belethor', was particularly welcoming towards me, due as much to my gender as his own hospitality. I politely declined his offer to spend the night in his truck, though he strikes me as a resourceful trader and I might do well to stay on his good side.

Another man offered to allow me to join some sort of military faction he's a part of. Maybe they thought this uniform meant I was a soldier or something. I told him that I'm not, and that I don't want to have to shoot people if I don't have to. He reassured me that I wouldn't be forced into anything I didn't want to do, but I'm still skeptical. I've heard stories about the things soldiers are forced to do to survive, and I'm not sure that life is the one for me.

How much choice do we really have in this world, now?

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Not much, but we have to make out the best from what we have. If you ever get yourself into real trouble, and would need medical assisstance, or just kind word and a cup of tea, let me or any of the Free Medics a holler, either try the radio ((TS)) or just leave a note on the Trading Post board((Forum PM)). Good luck.

((I like how it's written, not a wall-of-text. Update!))

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  • Sapphire

interesting... id be careful with who you share your audio logs with.

Well, it's technically supposed to be OOC. Just my way of sort of sharing my personal feelings with the server. I know someone will undoubtedly use the info to metagame, but meh....

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I try not to meta-game, and hope others don't as well. This is pretty

thought out heh. I've completely revised the clan page for AuxG

if you'd like to take a gander of there.

Well, I'm actually in class right now for web scripting, should

probably be doing that..

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  • Emerald

Raihje, lay off the lass :P. She'll join if she wants, but I've the feeling that if we -do- end up recruiting her, it'll be done ingame, not in the forums.

On topic: Loving it, Lucia. I was thinking of doing something similar to this, but in video-diary form. However, you've shown that the video may very well be unnecessary. Good job thus far; looking forward to reading further.

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  • Sapphire

Entry #11 - I got robbed this evening. Well, I guess you could call it a robbery. A man approached me from behind and demanded that I surrender everything I had. I asked him not to take everything, and he decided to leave me with a pistol and an M16, which he also admitted had no ammunition. Better than nothing, right? At least he wasn't leaving me completely defenseless. He then threatened to break my legs so that I couldn't chase him. I had to convince him that I was just happy to get away unharmed and that I wasn't interested in killing anybody. He spoke with a friend on his radio, then agreed not to hurt me if I waited for twenty seconds while he escaped. I must have done something right, though, because a few minutes later he returned with my rifle and said that he felt bad about depriving me of my only means of survival. I guess it pays to be nice after all, though I suspect I can't rely on that every time.

He mentioned some of the local factions, which were later explained to me in more detail.

The Somali Death Squad, which I've heard of. People have said I should avoid them, and if what I've heard about them is true, I'm inclined to agree. I guess they're a bunch of escaped prisoners. Sounds like bad news all around.

The other was a group called the Chernarus Liberation Front. I wonder what they're liberating us from. The zombies? That would be nice. Their name sounds almost like some sort of revolutionary group.

I'm wondering how I'm going to fit into all of this. I guess time will tell.

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  • Sapphire

Entry #12 - I spent most of yesterday cleaning my gun and organizing my things. I posted on a bulletin board they have here at the post stating that I wish to trade this CS 550 and a camping tent I found. While I like the CZ 550, the ammunition is very bulky, I've found, and it's hard to carry very much without crowding my pack. Speaking of packs, I've also offered to trade this camping tent for a larger backpack. I've seen many people wearing bigger packs, and I think that would be a good next step.

I saw Wolfram again today. He's a German man, seems like he might be a soldier. I first encountered him on my first night at the post. He is nice, and was willing to help me by taking me to a nearby airfield. The airfields around here, so I've been told, are rife with conflict, and I guess a lot of people get killed trying to scavenge old abandoned military gear from them.

Luckily for us, we didn't encounter any issues aside from the typical infected zombie thing here or there. Some of the ones down there were soldiers. I keep wondering how many of these zombies have surviving friends or families that still don't know their fates.

Anyway, we found an AK-74 with a scope on it that Wolfram called a PSO. It's not very magnified, but it has some range finding markings in the reticule. I think I understand how to use them, and I was able to hit a goat on the runway from about three hundred meters. Also, this thing has tiny bullets so I can carry a lot more, and they still bring down game effectively, so overall I'm happy having traded my CZ 550 for this new rifle, even though it will take some getting used to.

Toshiro, the Japanese man, came along with us. He was very polite to me, and I wish I knew more than just a few Japanese phrases so I could understand what he says to me. Wolfram says that most of his men also don't understand him, and yet they work well together in spite of the language barrier. I guess the end of the world can push people to all sorts of extremes.

Oh! I did manage to trade that tent, too. It turned out that Raun, the soldier that asked me if I wanted to join his faction, had a spare backpack he was willing to trade for the tent. It's a big military pack like the one Wolfram and the other soldiers wear. Maybe now I can put my soldier uniform on and people won't mess with me because I'll look tough. Eh...somehow, I doubt that.

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  • Sapphire

Entry #13 - I'm not going to make a long entry tonight. I just don't feel like it. I found out this evening that the infection has spread to the US and other countries. Apparently, most of the southwest coast is lost, including all of southern California...

Like I said, I don't feel like making an entry tonight.

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  • Sapphire

((As per our discussion, my "death" last night at the airfield has left Lucia critically injured. She was taken back to the trade post, which necessitated she be stripped of gear to be light enough to carry, and has been unconscious for over 12 hours))

Entry #14 - Well, I guess I got in over my head? I don't remember. I joined the Auxiliary Guard. They said I could be a scout, and it seems like something I can do. We went on a mission to escort Frank, a member of the Free Medics, to pick up supplies. Unh, I think I have a broken rib or something...anyway, so that went uneventfully. We were able to make it back okay, and it was interesting working with others to accomplish a goal. The Auxiliary Guard seem like good people.

So then, I got it in my head to take a trip to the nearby airfield. That...was a mistake. It went well at first, but...I remember getting swarmed by zombies, and I think I can remember shooting at them, then I woke up here at the post. My equipment is gone, though some were nice enough to hand over spares. I guess it pays to have friends. Now, I'm laid up feeling like I got hit by a truck.

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Guest Whiskey1

interesting... id be careful with who you share your audio logs with.

Well, it's technically supposed to be OOC. Just my way of sort of sharing my personal feelings with the server. I know someone will undoubtedly use the info to metagame, but meh....

yea you might want to be careful. ppl do meta game on here unfortunately. just a heads up, id keep the important stuff out. dont want to see your story end over meta gaming. Let me know when your ready to join the darkside =)

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  • Server Manager

I grant this thread Rolles Seal of Approval, me like.


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  • Sapphire

Entry #15: Melissa is alive! And she's here! At the trade post! I...I couldn't believe it when she just...she walked up, and I just...it...I don't think I've ever felt that kind of emotion before. It was like a sense of relief, but blended with the most profound sense of hope I think I've ever felt in my life. She said that Raun and other members of the Auxiliary Guard found her down south by the shore. I still can't believe she's alive. She's asleep right now in the tent. She didn't want to be alone, so we're sharing one of the tents here at the camp. She was having nightmares earlier, but I think she finally calmed down.

I remember the nightmares I had the first night after I found this place. It's kind of funny. In the woods, or hiding in buildings, you never really fall completely asleep. It's only when you can truly lay down and rest, feeling safe and secure, that your subconscious decides it's the right time to fuck everything up.

The sun came up while Mel was still sleeping. She'll probably be asleep for a while, so I joined Bruno and Scouty on a quick trip to the airfield. I did my best to ignore that sense of deja vu that reminded me of the last time I was here, when I almost died. Our trip was quite a bit more successful this time around, and I came away with what is decidedly the most unusual gun I've ever handled.

It shoots a heavier bullet than my last gun, which I like since I'm used to hunting rifles. The scope is also a bit odd. It actually has iron sights on top. I found an arms manual a few days ago, and as best I can tell from the pictures, this is an SA-58V, but it has strange attachments all over it, like a grip at the front. It definitely packs more of a punch than my last rifle, and I can still keep it on target, so I'll learn how to handle it.

Anyway, I'm going to stick around the post until Melissa is well enough. She seems...distant. I think this whole ordeal has taken a worse toll on her than it did on me, but then again I grew up on stories of apocalypse, collapse of society, and life without rule of law, so I guess, in a way, I was prepared for this life. At least, as much as one can possibly be prepared for a life like this.

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  • Sapphire

Entry #16 - Wow, it's been a while since I made an entry. I've been up to my neck in tedious, dangerous, bloody bullshit lately. Forgive the language. I am trying to keep these logs relatively respectful.

Okay, so apparently a member of the Guard took Mel out shooting, and then they got separated and she ended up running into the woods, wounded and half-dying of thirst. I found out that it was Cubix. I really want to believe that he didn't intend to leave her out there, so I will. For his sake.

I went out to find her, but being the careless, emotional idiot I can be at times I didn't even bother packing any food or water, so by the time I found her, I myself was severely dehydrated. I was able to get her attention with a road flare, and we met up at Willow Lake. We risked drinking the water without boiling it because a little bacterial infection isn't much to worry about if you die from thirst.

Melissa was also starving, and her wounds were pretty severe. First, I wanted to take us through Krasnostav to see if we could find food, but in our condition neither of us could really fight any of the zombies. Then I heard a helicopter, and even in the dark I could see the trade post! I was ecstatic. We immediately ran to the post, but Mel was so weak from blood loss and hunger, that as we started to climb the hill she kept losing consciousness. We barely managed to make it to the post, and with the help of a Free Medic and some others, we were saved.

It was the most harrowing rescue I've ever been involved in, and I hope it's the last. I am never leaving the post without food and water again. Lesson learned. I need sleep.

Entry #17 - It's been a few days since Mel's rescue, and she's feeling a lot better, as am I. Raun wants to take us out to scavenge for medical supplies, and I think that's a good idea. We're both recovered, and it's night, so the danger will hopefully be minimal.

Entry #18 - We almost didn't make it back from that! God damn it! I love Mel to death, but Christ, taking her into a heavy infected zone is going to get one of us killed. I really think we need to start with basic combat training for her, first. She's making the same mistakes that I made when the infection started, except she doesn't have a decade of weekends at the rifle range and a lifetime of survivalist dogma pounded into her brain. This must all be very rough for her, and I really hope she doesn't start feeling like she's too much of a liability.

Things went...poorly. We got trapped on top of an apartment building for over an hour, zombies climbing up the stairs to attack us. The gunshots just kept bringing more and more of them. Cubix was taken down by them. He's alive, but just barely. We resorted to standing at the top of the ladder and just hacking the zombies with hatchets as they came up the ladder. I was nauseated the whole time, but for once I can thank an empty stomach for something. After twenty minutes, the zombies stopped flooding up the ladder. We made sure that Cubix was stable and locked him in a room so the zombies couldn't get to him, then we hit the hospital for medical supplies. We'd all been badly wounded by that point, but a few blood transfusions do miracles, it seems. We eventually dragged Cubix back to the post, and he's recovering now. Hopefully he pulls through.

I swear, every time I leave this blasted post, I age ten years.

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  • Sapphire

Entry #19 - Cool new toy! I hope the guy it belonged to before me is doing okay. I found a pile of equipment, along with some blood, on a hill hear the trade post. It's an M4 assault rifle. Now this is something I'm familiar with. Good old American technology. Funny I can say that, since I'm developing an appreciation for Russian weapons as well. It's suppressed, which is nice. I took it out earlier this evening and it's amazing. I can shoot zombies and their friends act as if nothing happened. I'm reluctant to give this thing up, even if it could use a scope of some kind, not this dinky holographic optic.

It also has a grenade launcher on it. I don't have any use for grenades, really, but it shoots flares, too. I fired one into the air as an experiment, and Holy. Crap. It turned the night into day for almost a whole minute. I could see these flares being extremely useful for signaling, or for lighting up an area to see better.

I also spent some time talking to a doctor about our situation. Are we facing the extinction of humanity? It's a dreadful thought, really. I like to think that as long as we kill more of...of them...we'll eventually succeed. At least until the next apocalypse rolls around.

I'm so glad Melissa is here with me. There was a time not too long ago where I'd given up...when I was ready to just end it so I wouldn't have to live in this...this Hell anymore. Jesus. I came so close one night, I still remember what the barrel tastes like. It still gives me an eerie feeling when I look at my pistol and realize that, if she hadn't shown up when she did...

Anyway, I'm rambling. Time to 'sign off', as it were.

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  • Sapphire

Entry #20 - Shneaky, shneaky, SHNEAKY! Wooo, sorry. I found shome BEER! I normally hate beer, but after all of thish shit, I desherve to relaksh, right?

Thish new gun is aweshome! I can get all shneaky and the zombies can't even hear me! And I shoot them. Ptew, ptew! And there are cars driving by me and nobody knows I'm there and itsh sho FUNNY!

I got more bullets for my other gun that I will never, ever, ever use because it is loud and gives me a headache.

Aaaaaaand I'm going to shleep now. Goodnight!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Sapphire

Entry #21 - Holy crap, I finally found this thing. I was starting to think I'd lost it!

Okay, to anyone listening, it's been about two weeks since my last entry, and apparently I was drunk...that probably explains why I lost the recorder for a while. Not much has happened, to be perfectly honest. It's more of the same old routine here in the apocalypse, the occasional robbery, murder, zombie killing, the usual.

One thing I've noticed is that I no longer have any trouble dealing with the zombies. Hmm...I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I'm starting to think of them like one would think of cockroaches, or ants. They're pests to be dealt with. I wonder if soldiers start thinking of their enemies like that during a long war.

I wonder if bandits think of their victims that way.

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that all of these military weapons I've been toting around are making me a target for banditry, so I've decided to get rid of them and start carrying civilian weapons. I figure since I survived with them before and I grew up using them, they'll be more than enough to deal with the threats out there, and hopefully any bandit I encounter won't bother stealing my lever-action rifle. You never know, though...

So, I traded my suppressed AK-74 for a tractor. Ugh, a tractor. What an ugly thing to drive around. Still, it beats walking! I'm going to travel to Green Mountain today. I've heard a lot of rumors about hauntings, and I intend to see for myself what the rumors are like. More on that when I return.

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