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Murkiddy Merc

Lee M. Hall's Backstory

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Lee M. Hall is an American who was visiting his in-laws in Svet when the shit hit the fan. He’s a bit of an amateur survivalist who had just began building his first B.O.B. (Bug out Bag) before the trip. He’s by no means a “Survivorman”, but he’s read a few blogs and knows a bit more than the average person. Lee’s wife, Katarina, had complained to him that he shouldn’t waste his time with such things right before they make an expensive trip to see her family. He agreed and figured he would double his prepping efforts when they returned.

Lee, his wife, and daughter survived the initial chaos like many others. Once the U.N. forces fell, Lee’s family traveled to Olsha with the goal of reaching the NE airstrip. The plan was to find a plane or at least wait for rescue. A rescue that would never come. The planes were all either gone or destroyed. They decided to stay near Olsha so they could keep an eye on the airfield and still be near familiar ground. After quite some time, his family started to fall into a routine and things began to feel normal (or as normal as life can be in the zombie apocalypse).

Their supplies were dwindling and Lee’s daughter, Olive, had an infection in her shoulder from a wound she obtained while squeezing through a rusty chain-linked fence. Lee decided to take the chance and make a supply run to the Svetlojarsk Medical Center. According to the last reports he heard over the radio, Svet was one of the last cities to fall but was now totally overrun. It had been some time since Lee and his family heard that broadcast. They weren’t even really sure what month it was. Somehow he made made it in and out of Svet unscathed. Although there were very few supplies left, Lee got what he needed to help his daughter.

He returned only to find his new home had been looted and his wife and daughter nowhere to be found. From the looks of it there were at least four or five bandits responsible. That's when he found the skinned and filleted remains of his family by a still smoldering campfire. His daughter’s chunk of infected shoulder sitting next to the fireplace like how you would cut out the eyes of a potato or a bad section of an apple. After what seemed like a never ending river of tears he reached for his shotgun and placed the barrel in his mouth. That's when he heard a distant uncontrollable laughter. A laughter that sounded like it was on the verge of crying!? A Cannibal! Lee had read about cannibalism after watching the movie “Alive” so he was familiar with the side effects of consuming human flesh.. He never in a million fucking years thought he would ever have to use that knowledge!

His body filled with rage as he ran toward the sound. One of the cannibals was straggling behind. Lee smashed the back of the cannibal's head with the butt of his shotgun and dragged his body into the woods. He then strung the cannibal up in a tree about three feet off the ground and began "forcefully questioning" him. When the cannibal finally gave up the direction of his group, Lee opened a door to a nearby tin shed. Inside the shed was a zombie that set it's eyes on it's helpless prey. As Lee walked away, he could hear the screams of his victim being eaten alive. Lee now roams the land as a drifter, hunting cannibals whether or not they killed his family. He can only hope that someday he may have his revenge.

**This is my first "Official" RP character. Feel free to let me know what you think. I have a few more in the works and try to keep each character completely different from one another. As they say, "Variety is the spice of life".**

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