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Murkiddy Merc

RP fan looking for a great community

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Hello Everyone,

I haven't been whitelisted yet but hopefully you'll have me.

I'm just looking for people who love Role-playing. I feel like DayZ offers a lot of opportunities for great experiences. I like playing as a variety of characters. I have two characters right now with backstories and another two I'm working on. So far I have a Tragic family man character and a Russian farmer. When I create a character, I try my best to keep with the continuity of the the lore.

In real life, I'm pretty outgoing and like to goof off. I'm a family man, veteran, amateur YouTuber, and team player. I'm really interested in machinima-type content, so if there's anyone trying to create stories with a script or even with just a broad character type, I'm in!

Thank you,

Murkiddy Merc

(Steam, YouTube, twitch)



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Hello man, hope you enjoy your stay.

If you need anything you can PM me or any of the other members of the community i'm sure we would all be more then happy to help.

There are some useful links like the FAQ and Wiki in my signature, you should probably check those out, It is also a good idea to check out the Report sections to find out what to do and not to do. Remember to read the rules thoroughly and multiple times before submitting your application.

Also remember to post somewhere outside of the "Introductions and Farewells" forum or your account will be deleted within 30days

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Hello man, hope you enjoy your stay....

Thanks for the info. I've been trying to check out everything I can. I'm amazed at how large and detailed this community is. I've already looked at all the rules and FAQ's and will definitely refer back to them as needed.

Thanks Again,

Murkiddy Merc

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