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Wild Bill Carlton At Green Mountain

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It took me a little while to get there but I finally made it Green Mountain. I'm fairly new and hadn't really seen anyone until I got there. I was wondering what kind of experiences people have had at Green Mountain with finding people to group with? Hoe did the group go? what did you do as a group?

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Let me be one of the first to say Hello and welcome to Green Mountain.

Don't use the toilets (They don't flush)

Beds are pretty soft (Keep a gun with you)

Don't piss people off (You could get shot/robbed)

and general rules of etiquette

Welcome to Green Mountain enjoy your stay :3

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Only one Carlton in this country

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Run, nothing but KOS and tears can be found at GM. Literally anywhere else will yield better RP on a given day. On very few occasions have I gone to GM and not been trolled, shot at, or generally disappointed. Head to any other landmark on the map to find RP.

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