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Hey guys, I'm Vallejsson, I am 17 Years old just turned. I've been playing DayZ for not very long but I find it a very nice game.

I hope we can all get along and I hope to find some of you guys in game! :D

My steam is Vallejsson so feel free to add me if you would like to play some time!

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Hey Vallejsson and welcome to DayZRP! If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM and I will try to help you out :)

Again, welcome to the community!

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Hello man, hope you enjoy your stay.

If you need anything you can PM me or any of the other members of the community i'm sure we would all be more then happy to help.

There are some useful links like the FAQ and Wiki in my signature, you should probably check those out, It is also a good idea to check out the Report sections to find out what to do and not to do. Remember to read the rules thoroughly and multiple times before submitting your application.

Also remember to post somewhere outside of the "Introductions and Farewells" forum or your account will be deleted within 30days

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Hey, I'm new aswell.

So far I've seen some very nice and friendly people on the forums. * I hope to see them ingame*

Maybe we can play sometime if I get accepted?

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