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Zombies in DayZ SA

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Just wanted to know if anyone else has issues with picking up certain items? For example a backpack cannot be picked up in one building but the same one 15ft away can. Is it me or a DayZ problem

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I don't see how this relates to zombies. Unsure if it's a typo or what. What you are experiencing is lag with the server, usually this happens when the server is full or near full.

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Not sure what your title is referring to....

Anyhow, sometimes the server is lagging, and some items do show on the floor. However they have already been picked up by some other player. Mostly it is just clientside, meaning that only you can see the bag of rice laying on the ground.

So about items you can not pick up, there are two ways you can deal with:

Try to move them around while picking up. Sometimes they are stuck underneath a bed and when you move them (pick up with mouse and move around in inventory screen) they are able to be picked up agian.

Second, why you tried the above and the item has not been moved, it's probably glitched as I explained in the first paragraph.

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If you cant pick up an item, just go out of the building and back in. Then it works

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