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You should bring the RP in Space Engineers

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I have Space Engineers and i didn't see a better game to play RP in it. Trust me, the game is awesome and the amount of stuff you can do is incredible.

Also the devs are totally open do suggestions, i asked for planets and they're warking on it, someone asked for round blocks, they did it, someone else asked for remote control for ships and it's in.

Those guys are the best.

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" i love space engineers but it would be hard to play on the platform. in order to play you need a high end computer, for big maps at least, on top of which, i don't think they have actual server support yet. they have it so you can play with friends but thats about it. "

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Space Engineers is by far one of my favorite games that I currently have. While I dont play it much because its certainly one of those games to play with a bunch of friends rather then alone. I would love to see some sort of RP server for Space Engineers, but my only reservation on it would be the real lack of optimization. The game really is hard on computers and the amount of desync and lag that occurs in large multiplayer servers is simply to much to be fun.

once the game becomes more optimized, I'd love to see it added in, I'd play the hell out of it.

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