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Fully activating account questions

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I recently created an account on this website and It said that I had to "Post on the forums at least once" does this mean I have just done it or is there a specific place I have to post, also in the registration email it gave me a code, It said that I need to use it, but it didn't say where.

Does anyone have any answers?

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Making this thread activated your account.

In the email it provides you with a link that you have to go to, you enter your username and that activation code. All done.


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Yes you have just done it. Anywhere except off topic + intros counts toward your posting


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I clicked on the link but it took me straight to the main page

You're all good then. :)

Edit: Just going to edit this post and add a little bit why it worked. I don't think any will read this.. but I think that it is important to say why.

The first link in the email has your accounts UID and the code together, when you clicked it, the site automatically activated your account. The second link provided is for you to manually enter your information and then activate it.


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