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Guest monkeybazooka

My story

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Guest monkeybazooka

Hi my name is Tim, I suppose i'm a survivor if you want to call it that ? I am 36 years old with two beautiful kids and an awesome wife. Me and my wife, see we moved to chernogorsk from Australia. My mother and father were visiting friends there. But soon after they got there my mother had fallen ill, what from was unknown at the time. so me and my wife Angela and the children flew from Australia to Chernogorsk to see Mum.

When we arrived there, there seemed to be a lot happening in the town. It sure seemed busy for a small town. We finally found mum's friend's house just on the edges of the town overlooking the ocean. I have to say it was quite quaint under different circumstances. After entering the home i was greeted by Mum and Dad's dearest friends, Brenda and John. They told me what had happened to Mum and that the doctors were overloaded at the hospital and that's why she was with them. On approaching Mum, Dad gave me a huge hug and told me not to be scared of what I might see. After hearing this i quickly ran to mum to see her.

Ripping back the sheets i could see straight away what dad was talking about.I could not believe my eyes. Mum was not mum anymore. She was... i can't explain it. I was scared and confused. The next few days got worse and mum had passed. A few minutes had gone by. As we stood at the foot of her bed, we noticed that she was twitching. Dad moved in to see what was wrong and suddenly mum had risen and latched on to dad taking him to the ground and killing him. We could not believe our eyes. She then leaped at Brenda followed by John. After shaking off my shock, I grabbed mum and took her to the floor. John in his rage, proceeded to obtain a knife from the kitchen and stabbed mum through the skull. We all couldn't believe what had just happened. Terror rushed through our veins as we all stood in shock not fully understanding what had just happened. "Mum came back to life... what the fuck just happened?" i exclaimed. Suddenly Dad had risen and struck Brenda. At that moment John through himself at Dad but it was too late. Chance of survival was minimal.

Angela and I escaped from the room locking the door on the way out. My family and i quickly jumped in the car and tore off to the police station. Not knowing what was going on in town, we quickly realised the police were not going to be able to help us. There was simply too much chaos. We sat in the midst of silence. I turned to look at my wife. She sat there anxiously twiddling her fingers. I reached over to grab her hand. As our fingers interlocked, i tried to reassure her. "Everything is going to be alright."

Suddenly people rushed our car trying to break in. I quickly sped off in a panicked state not watching what i was doing. "You're going to fucking kill us!" Angela shrieked. I was shaken and unfocused. I could feel beads of sweat dripping down my forehead and a dark feeling in the pit of my stomach.

All of a sudden, I crashed into a parked car. I was dazed from the accident and cut up. Angela was killed and so was my daughter. When I came to, everything was blurry.All i remember hearing was the gut wrenching screams of terror and the shouting of nearby people. I could hear a voice followed by a scream for help. "Kyle, is that you?" i shouted. The gut wrenching screams i had heard earlier had become a lot more frequent and closer. "Help me help me Dad, a man has got me!"Kyle cried. Some one had my boy? My wife and daughter were now dead and my son was taken. That was a long time ago... I must find my Son.

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