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found something in 0.54

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I didnt see a post about it in the forums and not even reddit has mentioned anything about it which is odd

i was browsing /r/dayz and saw a picture on the new relaxing animation so i jump on in a random private server and test it out i go in to the controls and notice


I had 3 unbound emotes, 3? i thought only 2 relax and heart, so i held right ctrl and bound all 3 to some keys and started testing. First off


9B7AB145476D768C9BD15C5EE775E99E4FFDAB18 Many believe it was removed with the christmas items along with it but no its still very much in and probably unbound




This one looks awesome and is unique in the sense to its the only emote to where it has its own head movements usually you can controll your head when your in an emote animation this one you cannot which is how i got my character to look directly at the camera instead of it looking off in the other direction like he usually does

And now ladies and gentlemen the emote no one knows about

and a blast from the past



ANyone who's played arma 2 dayZ Mod know and love this emote i was actually really upset to find out it wasn't in standalone yet but no more its here and looks super sexy

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Just found out the other day about the salute, but damn that sexy relaxing pose, gonna try that out. Hopefully there's some free keys to bind too so I don't have to ditch any of the current f emotes

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I hate this new pose... It's like


BTW if any of you (and devs) try this pose IRL and stay in it for more than 5-10mins and feel relaxed instead of pain in the arms then... Well..

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