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Final Bullet

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[align=left]Fuck this country. Why am i even here? Well nothing to do now. My name is Kadyr Zakayev. I am from Chechen. Pretty far eh? I know. I was born near Groznoy on 28th of March 1990. My dad, Ramzan Zakayev, was a proud man. He served in both Chechen wars. He has always been my hero. Unfortunantly he was killed by Russian forces when i was 15. Those fuckers also threatened my whole family after that. Months passed and i made contact with rebels. They gave me and my family food because we had starved for months. I made decision to help their cause and joined them. They assigned me to a group of locals. I trained hard and soon got full membership. I was trained to use Ak rifles. Years passed and lot of shit happened. Alot of our fighters went to fight with ISIS. They promised us safe place to live for all muslims around the world. I personally didnt like it. Their tactics were brutal and not very right for me. So me and my squad decided to go in Ukraine to help goverment to kill those Russians. I liked it. We had some good time. Even if we had diffrent religion with Ukranians we had good time. Week after the infection started we got orders from higher up. Go to Chernarus province called South Zagoria, investigate what happened and if Russians were behind it. Now months passed and im alone here. My whole team got killed by those demons on the border. Now i have to carry out the mission alone while having one 7.62 round in my trousers. My final bullet.

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