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From the Journal of Dennis Kraemer.

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These entries can be found scattered around Chernaurus, wherever Dennis may stay for a longer-than-normal period of time.

"Entry 1: My name is Dennis Kraemer and I've begun a journal for the sake of keeping sane. Considering I'm rolling around with Aiden Hayes most of the time, this journal is needed. He never shuts up. Speaking of never shutting up, there he goes again. Looks like he's going on about finding someone named Justice. We're heading out now, will write when I have another chance."

"Entry 2: Something I forgot to mention in my last entry; not only does Aiden talk a lot, he also is a murderer. Granted, it was them or us, but he shows little remorse. It's almost like he doesn't even recognize it's real people he's killing.

I have nightmares about him killing me, simply because I had more food."

Entry 3 is written shakily, and it's almost as if Dennis is crying.

"Entry 3: Aiden forced me to kill today. He got himself held up and I had to stop them.

I killed three. They haunt me, it's almost as if I can hear them asking me why I killed them.

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry."

Entry 4 is written a lot calmer, and smoother, than the rest.

"Entry 4: I've begun to make a home at Novo. I am helping others, and it's helping my guilty conscious. Nothing will make me forget, however, their faces.


//Feel free to write your character's reactions to reading these! I'm curious to see how people react.

//Oh, and feel free to write OOC tips on writing, could use 'em!

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