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Question on rules

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Just a quick question on if there's a Good Samaritan rule in place on this community? I've played on a fair share of mod and standalone rp servers and They had rules like if you see someone robbing someone you have kos rights on the bandit or something of that sort to help protect the other guy? I looked all throughout rules thoroughly for the last half hour trying to find something of the sort to further grasp the rules on the server to better my rp and others rp experience.

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The," Good Samaritan," rule used to be in effect here on the DayZRP servers during the mod and the beginning of the Standalone, but it was since then removed.

You only have KoS rights if you meet both requirements:


You'd have to initiate on the person(s) whom are robbing the victim, and you may shoot if they don't comply, but you may not open fire without some form/type of initiation.

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I couldn't have said it any better than Ryan Black. Thank you for the answer. Marked as solved. OP, if you have any followup questions please feel free to post them here.

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