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Guest Dalton Gerdes

The Anger Held Within

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Guest Dalton Gerdes

There are times in the endless trudging of life that events can happen. Events that change you. I was that person trudging along, that one event that changed me should have never happened any way. In the since that I was just helping a friend, when in doing so I helped the enemy. While on my way to Kabinino just passing through I was hearing voices next to the lake in the barn. I look in and see three men at gun point. I recognize one to be my friend the other two were friends of his. Then to my horror a man dead in front of them in a pool of blood with a hole in his head he staring out the door. To freedom to escape the living hell he was in the few seconds he was alive after he looked out the door. I realized at this point if I did not do something the rest would soon die so. Out numbered out gunned and hopelessly out of luck, help, friends, and ammo I took my stand. As one was on his knees with a gun to his head I show my self and to stop the killing of the innocent. As I walk in guns train on me no long on the head of a man I do not know. My brain told me no but my heart told me to finish it I shield my self with the man I now I have a gun to his head. They fire killing one of their own only for the lust of blood. Bullets fly but so do mine as the man that I hold dies two of the eight in front of me die as well. As I take life with bullets its not to say that I will be struck with one my self. One that has been implanted in my side for months. As I wake up from the bullet induced sleep I am dragged to the edge of a lake not the peace of the one that I am near but one further away in my waking I am restrained. I find the group that is there is OREL as the call them selves. They say they are police what police take captive and rob inocent men. It seem like hours dark of night light of day the red of blood the pain. I was all so real but yet all so fake punch after punch dunk after dunk all to a kid just barley 17. I took it not giving up keeping my friends and family in mind but as my visions of life flew by I was holding on by a string and nothing. My friends were gone so were my captors. The sun was bright but a good kind a warming kind. I found a note one that said "Fear can be used in our favor. Fear and no longer will you be bothered." I picked up what I could find, and looked in the pond a pool of blood and my one friend in this hell this horrid hell hole. At that moment I...I swore on my life that no longer I would stand the wretchedness of killing... of robbing. An would find and kill every last OREL member involved in that killing to avenge my friend. This has troubled me and no one knows I hold in as anger. It drives me, but no one knows about this and I would like to come clean. This is my story and I live by it so no longer will I hide and live with the anger within.

-Dalton Gerdes

(All this is in rp and some is made up it is a let down yes but it is the truth)

I do want to say that I would love comments so yea post away. This also is a modifications of an actual in game event.

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