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For a friend.

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Your radio sputters to life with static and interference, followed by a moment of silence.

"This is NFC Ranger Phillip Frost. I'll get straight to the point. A good friend of mine's birthday is coming up and I'd like to get him a gift, specifically the uniform of his old job.

You see, he used to be one of the firefighters before all this. But instead of quitting like some of his co-workers, he kept on. Bashing down doors, trying to find more people to help. Knowing that behind every corner, every door, one of them could be waiting to tear his throat out.

And so, I'd like to ask if any of you come across these three items; A black firefighters jacket, A pair of black firefighters trousers and a Red firefighters helmet. I am willing to trade away my personal defence weapon, magazines included for this grouping of items.

Now to make it clear, this is a military grade battle-rifle, coming with four full magazines, one magazine spare that is empty and another at roughly half-capacity in the weapon itself.

If this trade interests you, you know what to find.

I'll be on 87.8 if you need me.

NFC Ranger Phillip Frost, Signing out."

The radio returns to sputtering static for a moment. Then falls silent.

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