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The A, B, C's of a Post-Apocalyptic Engineer.

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Welcome to Bob Mason's guide to Pre-Apocalypse Engineering!

For those who don't know me, I am Bob Mason, a former Civil Engineer born in the United States. I commonly found work overseas through the engineering firm I worked for, repairing and building bridges, military bases, roadways, and even buildings! I lived here in Chernarus for several years now after the United States agreed to help rebuild Chernarus after their civil war. Our first project of course was the design and application of the coastal highway that so many of you wonderful survivors use today. I haven't seen the United States in over a year, and by way of the broadcasts I have been hearing my whole state is a hellhole! So for your entertainment, here is Bob's ABC's for the E-N-D!

A, is for Asphalt, that follows the coast.

B, is for bridges, that are older than most.

C, is for construction that will never be done.

D, is for death, which will never be fun.

E, is for everywhere, the place you find zeds.

F, is for... ****, what you'll yell before you are dead.

G, is for gun, a thing you must find.

H, is for health, your wounds you should bind.

I, is for indigenous, which the Chernarussians all are.

J, is for job, something for which I flew far.

K, is for kill, a thing you may do.

L, is for laugh, another you might too!

M, is for maniacs, the country they roam.

N, is for neighbors, whom might just dine on your bones.

O, is for order, a thing this place lacks.

P, is for people, who might take the shirt of your back.

Q, is for questions, things strangers will pose.

R, is regret, a thing I feel strongly.

S, is for sadness, because my rhymes are too longy.

T, is for tragedy, that happens all around.

U, is for united, an idea bandits burn to the ground.

V, is for Vybor, a place you should visit.

W, is for weapon, a good thing to have.

X, is for Xenophobia, that some locals feel for non-Chernarian kin.

Y, is for yelling, which they do when it sets in.

Z, is the last letter of the Alphabet,

And it stands for Zed, who will bite you if them you will let.

My name is Bob, four months ago my company abandoned me and several of my colleagues who had been working in Chernarus. Our company was one of several hired to rebuild the infrastructure after the civil war. Bridges, roadways, military bases, you name it, chances were our engineers designed it, and we supervised its construction. Before the outbreak, Chernarus had been quite comfortable allies with the United States, mostly because they are the ones that backed Chernarus in their civil war. Because of that the U.S was awarded dozens of contracts from the reforming government.

Taking full advantage of this, my company which was a defense contractor as well as a civil engineering firm asked for volunteers for the projects. I happily requested to be assigned to it, as I had only a year or two before returned from Iraq, which had been quite the exciting experience. I had met local people, ate exotic foods, had a couple of our PMC guards teach me to shoot and blow things up. To say the least it was a fun time for me, and with no real family I had no attachment to much stateside.

So across the ocean I went to the small country of Chernarus. Here we were given offices at the newly formed Department of Roads and Bridges, where we worked with local engineers and construction firms to get started. The major project being undertaken by our company was the reconstruction of the coastal road which had be heavily damaged during the civil war. I was part of this project for two years, overseeing the resources needed as well as working onsite with Steve Wright, or 'Roadway Expert'.

I was given the chance to return after three years abroad with the project, but decided to stay on, becoming a project manager for the construction of several government buildings. The one I was specifically focused on was the local office being constructed in Chernogorsk. The construction site is a constant reminder to me of what I have lost. Here in 'Cherno' as the locals call it was where my life had all but ended.

When the outbreak began, our firm was unable to schedule me or my co-workers with an emergency flight out of the country. We were told to join in a convoy heading up to the Russian border, and from there we would be quarantined until deemed safe, and then flown back to the United States. Well this never happened. The Russians turned us around and sent us on our way.

We ended up at the airfield west of Cherno, where we were awaiting an emergency flight home. It never came. No matter how hard the State Department back home tried, as well as our firm, we were not allowed to leave the country. The CDF was helpful in the meantime, and had an office we could stay in, which not quite so ironically we had designed. The happy alliance didn't last long, the airfield had been over run, and most of my colleagues had gone separate ways or died in Cherno.

Now I am a broke engineering, just trying to do whatever I can to help others through this time until we can rebuild. Though by the transmissions I have been hearing over the military radios, it is just us who are going to be doing it.


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