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I have a quick question

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I know that they don't accept white list application on weekends but do they read them on the weekends???

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Well I could imagine if they aren't doing them they probably aren't going to read them. They can if they wanted to though.

Should be moved to Questions section btw.

Edit: Glancing over the amount of admins we have currently, I'm not surprised whitelist are only done on weekends. There are, at least I think, a -ton- of whitelist that come in and 4 (+1) going over possibly 100+ applications is a bit of a tough job, this added with all the other hard work admins do.

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Whitelists are being reviewed daily, when the administrators have the time, so thus not only during the weekends.

I'm gonna /solve this already as a Mod will move this to questions section :)

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/moved to questions and solved

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