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In game radios

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Main question is simply, do they work? Used to find radios and i could text chat through them and everything. Haven't tried yet with the newest update but haven't been able to pick up anyone talking change frequencies or talk with it.

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You may have just been unlucky with no one in range.

Or the batteries were dead and you did not know it.

Or they have been broken by the most recent update...

>.< i cant realy help that much, just throw ideas out, heh.

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The walkie-talkies work up to 800m. They do not have a text feature in DayZ SA. Unfortunately, not many people use them because they are a bit buggy. Most people use TS as their IG/IC radio. Does this answer your question?

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Question answered thanks. In game walkie talkies do not work for text communication.

Though i find it odd that they used to work for text communication. Doesn't seem normal that they would take out things like that.

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