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whitelist applications ever going to open back

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I get deleted a few weeks back, not banned, just deleted. I have figured that I hit preview post and not post for my initial 30 days post...as it is why i got deleted, it never showed on the forums.

I have been checking back daily to see if they are open, they never are...even when the counter was at 0 yesterday.

Now the counter is at around 300.

Any clue on when they will open back up? I just wanna play with my people again...

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They were opened for non-donors on Monday. There are currently only three reviewers at this time so it will take a little while to knock down the number of applicants. There is no definitive date for when they will open for non-donors. Be advised you can donate and get the opportunity to put in a whitelist application, even when they are closed. Does this answer your question?

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