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inactive ban

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Your account was not banned, it was pruned. If you do create one post within the first 30 days of signing up your account is pruned. This was stated in the welcome message you received when you signed up. Does this successfully answer your question?

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You are given 30 days after registration to post at least once on the forums before the system marks you as inactive and prunes you. No accounts are banned from this system. All Donators of any kind that have donated more then 5 Euros are safe from being pruned.

(You had a typo that I figured might confuse him Whiskey :P )

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You're given a message when you register your account and that messages tells that your account will be deleted if it is not activated. How you activate is post at least once on the forums.

Q: My account is gone, I can not log in and I can no longer recover password as it does not recognize my email address!

A: Your account was most likely deleted because you haven't activated it properly. Please read the welcome PM you receive when you register for instructions on how to fully activate it. Donor accounts do not have to complete this procedure and will never be deleted

So, your account was pruned and thus deleted. You can avoid this by donation or being active which ever you chose, your account will be here.


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You have received the same answer from three people. I feel that your question has successfully been answered. I am marking this as solved. If you have any follow-up questions please feel free to ask.

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