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Character Agenda

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So i've created a new character who is an orphaned kid(19) who learned the tools of the trade on the streets and became a confidence man from London. He is in Chernarus because he tried to scam the ChernaRussian mob and they smuggled him to Chernarus but the boat was shipwrecked. Now I'm trying to give him a sort of agenda because it makes RP better but I'm having trouble thinking of a good one. I was wondering what kinds of agendas you give your characters? By agenda I mean their tasks, goals, overall reason for why they wonder the wastes or what their intend to do.

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Guest Flluroz

Actually something to think about for me... Aiden started out trying to get people together to form a society of some sort, but he soon found out that his plan wouldn't work out. He then went and lived off the land of Chernarus, hunting and fishing to survive, never really venturing into towns for anything other then ammo. He then found a group of people to stay with, and he's mainly trying to get back with them after some bad things happened and he got disconnected from them.

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I like how your characters goals were able to change through the dynamic player interaction. I was thinking that my character is trying to get off the Chernarus simply by making connections with the most powerful groups as he thinks they may have a way.

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