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Joe Kerr character back story

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Abandoned. She had no choice really, if she kept trying to protect me from him, then eventually he would have caused permanent damage to me or ended my life. The last time was by far the most enraged that he had ever been. But the smile, when she took the kitchen knife sobbing, begging him not to harm me.... the smile that crossed his face. The image will be imprinted on my mind forever. He just stood and laughed when she told me to run. Now, all I remember are my mothers screams as I ran, and my fathers Laughter and joy as he cut her. Then, the silence.

My father was a drinker and a fiend. Over the years his substance abuse had grown unbearable for my mother, who felt sorrow in watching him destroy himself. He never loved me. I was like a ghost to him. He rarely acknowledged my existence, unless I was blocking his path. This would result in a kick or a swing from what ever was in his hand.

My life was both extreme spectrum's of emotion. My mothers love for me was grand, she protected me, showed me affection and tried her best to shield me from the monster that was responsible for my creation. This monster however, beat her. Daily. He needed little excuse, just a few beers and what ever he was injecting. However, if there was nothing to inject, then the beatings where brutal. That final night, judging by his anger, he had no drugs available to him.

I scavenged for what I could for around a year. I was used to providing for myself. My father was hardly a provider as you could have guessed. He just took what he wanted from people and my mother was forced to beg for food. Because of this I was quite used to having peoples off casts that I found in the streets or in the garbage. These skills are what kept me alive after my mothers murder. The voices in my head however, those I could have done without.

When the authorities finally caught up to me, I was thrown in front of some corrupt courtroom, full of the kind of people who just see the dirt on my clothes, my face and the smell that I must give off. They look at me as scum. They don't know my story! they have no idea of the upbringing that I have endured! All that I am to them is a thief. When the judges hammer strikes I am taken below. Shipped to the island to my new home. Bars and darkness.

What is my name..... It has been too long. The darkness, the sobbing. I look like a skeleton. The food they deliver to me has no taste. They never speak, no matter how I plead to them. What is my name?

I hear the screams. what is going on?? The alarms are sounding. The lights come on in my cell, it blinds me. Years have passed since I have experienced something so bright. But the screams from outside of my cell. They bring back memories, awful memories of the night that my father destroyed the only one who loved me. The voices laugh in my head, the screams outside, I place my head on my knees and close my eyes.

Silence. The screams have stopped. The door to my cell opens, the hairs on my neck stand up and I find breathing difficult. I stare out into the corridor but remain slumped in my cell. The floor is awash with blood, but no sound. What has happened here? My world has been this small room for so long. What is my name?

I step out into the blood soaked corridor, there are no bodies. I look at my feet and see a small blood soaked rectangular item at my feet. I pick it up curious to what it is. I examine the playing card in my hand. The Joker.

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Oh the drama that will follow! :3

i cant wait to start playing again in a week, i have missed it so much!!

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Interesting read :D Nice man!

thanks :) glad you liked it

Very nice! Will be great to see you IG again!!

Yea il keep my eye out for you willow :)

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