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MP5 disappearing from backpack

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I had a MP5 in my backpack when 0.53 was on. After it switched to 0.54 it disappeared.

I found a new MP5 while on 0.54 and put it in my backpack. After I logged of it disappeared again.

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I lost about 4 last week :(.

I found a trick that if you keep it in your backpack and only keep items that use 1 spot (no canteens,magazines,etc) it shouldn't disappear. Also before i log i make sure there are 3 slots open in my bag so when the server loads your gear there is room for the mp5 no matter what's in your bag as long as there are no other items that use more than 2 slots.

I hope this helps.


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This isn't just the MP5, it's an issue with the way the game loads your inventory.

Sadly we can't fix it but I can say. To try and keep any guns at the top of your bag which should stop them disappearing


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