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Broadcasting to All

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*Radio crackles to life*

This is Morgan MacMillan, survivor and recent frequenter of the survivor camp at Green Mountain. I'm here to talk to you today about the slew of crimes committed by the Blackwood Militia against often neutral civilians.

Do no be mistaken this is a call to arms. If you are approached by Blackwood Militia, be careful they are dangerous and prone to petty robbery and murder. This can no longer be allowed to continue.

We must strike back together. Ready yourselves. The peaceful survivors of Green Mountain must ready themselves and send a message.

We will not be robbed. Nor of our dignity or of our livelihood.

*Radio fades away*[/b]

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//ooc I'm all game for these usual types of radio messages but you registered on the 22nd...3days ago.

Blackwood has not robbed anyone in that time nor close to it (not including the odd troll or arsehole who thinks he can walk up and call people nazi's)

So enlighten me ... Why would someone with your lack of knowledge or experience with the group be doing this 'call to arms' ?

Ooc info but blackwoods heavy bandit days are over , your weeks and weeks to late

Edit:better yet you have been white listed 1 day.

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//ooc I heard about them in game, also realize that my character has his own agenda and reasons for enciting others to fight, regardless of the crimes of Blackwood.

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