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Haunted Stair Boss attacks again

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Actual haunted house footage while attempting to log out. JK

I was running around for ages without seeing a soul so decided I would find a house to logout and chill with my lady for a bit on the couch but boy was I wrong.

Damn you DayZ gods...I finally found my brown jeans.


Stair Roulette

Stair boss:1 ---- Max Vern:0

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Ouch. This was discussed the other day. Try to press 'V' to relocate your character. Maybe someone can link the other theard. Happend to all of us man.

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Vault by pressing V once you're upstairs in any building as it forces your character to be relocated to where you have vaulted and stop your legs from being broken or you dying on the second floor you have to do it everytime you go up a floor.

Currently the game seems to register that you are still on the bottom floor when you are upstairs and tries to "relocate" your character back down to the bottom floor by pulling you through the floor thus killing you or breaking your legs with the collision which is why it commonly happens when you pick up items as when you change clothes or pick up items it forces a database save of yoru character and that thinks you should be on the bottom floor etc.

Yes I have this answer pretty much ready to copy and paste for all these threads :P

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I know this happens. I guess I got complacent as this hasn't happened to me in over 2 months and I tend to avoid certain buildings. Last time it did though I died this way 3 time in 2 days. The Stair Boss is a formidable opponent.


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That happened to me just the other day actually. Fully geared 3 nades 2 flashbangs AKM with PSO-1 with drums. Searched that house and died. Fury ensued.

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