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Aaron Andersson, who is he?

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This is an updated story of my character background I posted in my whitelist application. I thought I would share it with you all. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks.

Aaron Anderson is of Swedish descent but was born in USA. He had a normal childhood growing up living in the suburbs of Atlanta. One of his biggest interests as a child was being out in the woods and pretending to be alone and surviving against the elements. He kept this interest in to adulthood where he still today go on vacations to distant places and just try to survive with a few items. His biggest idol is Bear Grylls and when he is on his ”vacations” he always try to think, what would Bear do?

Aaron has a master’s degree in sustainable urban planning and design. His work is to go to countries that have often been tarnished by war and disasters and try to rebuild the infrastructure. During the autumn of 2014 he was stationed in Chernarus in a town called Chernogorsk. His job there was to educate the local project managers of how to effectively build up a network of bus-stations to help the local population move around easier.

October the 22nd started out like any other day for Aaron. He woke up to his alarm ringing 6.30am and got ready for work. He had heard the reports of the disease or whatever it was spreading in the country but he was too tired from work to keep up with the news and there is always something to worry about. If it is not the Ukraine conflict it is Ebola or ISIS he was just tired of it all. Family back home in the states had called being worried about this mysterious disease and riots that they heard about in the news but Aaron had just ignored their requests for him to come home because everyone was acting as normal in Chernogorsk and he was sure that they would evacuate or let the population know if anything was dangerous. Besides he had a job to do, and he was almost finished. Just 2 more weeks of this and he would be home with his family in Atlanta and in two months he would be in Alaska surviving in the wilderness for a whole week, something he really looked forward to.

Aaron put his coffee in a thermos as he always does and put on his autumn jacket he got from his wife and the pair of shoes she bought to match his jacket. On his way to work he started to notice how quiet everything was, the lack of people in the streets and the smell of something burning. He thought it was weird but just continued walking towards his work. When he got around the block he saw 2 men standing with their back against him further down street and thought, okay there are at least someone around here and he continued walking towards them. The 2 men turned around and what he saw really spooked him, they almost looked crazy. They were all bloody and looked almost dead to him. They started running towards him making all kinds of crazy noises. He just stood there frozen and looked at them, while the 2 crazy men were running towards him. They almost looked like the zombies in movies, I must be dreaming he thought.

Bang! Bang! Two gunshots were heard and the zombie-looking men fell down to the ground. Shocked Aaron looked to his left to see who shot them and saw 4 soldiers, they started yelling to him in Russian. He did not understand a word they said but instantly knew he had to run. He accidently dropped his briefcase and the thermos and a few documents fell out of the briefcase. For a second he just stood there looking a his coffee dripping all over his important documents, in any other situation this would be his worst nightmare but now the documents barely mattered to him. A voice with a heavy russian accent snapped him out of it "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? GO! RUN! GET OUT OF HERE!" He looked at the man yelling at him, turned around and started running.

What was happening? Did the military just murder 2 men? Why did they look so weird? He came to edge of town and saw more soldiers and continued straight in to the forest where he felt at home. He was not sure if the military would kill him as well so he stayed hidden looking down on the town he just ran from. He could see smoke coming from a building near the water that must have been where the smoke he smelled before came from. Suddenly several gunshot could be heard in town and distant yelling and then BOOOOM, a loud explosion shock the whole town and everything got real quiet for 3 seconds and then a lot of gunfire could be heard again. He stood up bewildered by what he just saw and started running straight in to the forest away from the carnage.

To be continued....

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