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The reality sets in...

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The reality sets in....

Lets stop at McDonalds I’m starving. Can you turn up the heat I’m freezing. You hear that shit all the time, and people take it for granted. Do you know what starving is? It’s the true dull ache from inside, the lack of energy, the feeling of Christmas morning when you find a can of sardines. How about freezing? A constant, deep unrelenting chill to your core that won’t go away or thinking being warm is just the fact you are not as cold as you were yesterday. The feeling of going to sleep shivering, hoping you will wake up in the morning. If it wasn’t for my family the thought of what if I don’t wake wouldn’t cross my mind, just close your eyes, take the big sleep.

Its been three weeks since I left the safety and comfort of Kasimirs cellar. I have seen things. …Done things. The first contact with the dead ones, still haunts me. I thought it was just a person, its was running, sprinting at me, as a matter of fact you could have confused it for someone running to grab you and hug you like in the movies. The big climatic moment of reunion. It was the sometime soon after I was tackled, the bite came. The human jaw is so capable of so much force you could crush your own teeth, but your brain doesn’t let you. My hoodie didn’t offer much protection but it helped, like it was the tough rine of a fruit, and my shoulder its pulp. Never thought I was not much of a runner. In that moment I could have given Carl Lewis serious competition.

I can’t tell you how many I’ve killed, well put down. They are already dead as far as I can tell. I can tell you it gets easier. Its not that I don’t care, its just part of the routine. Wake up, realize this is not a dream. Scavenge for food and try to find fresh water. Try to figure out how to get back home. Fail to formulate a plan. Lose hope, go to sleep and think tomorrow will be better. Also the alcohol helps a lot.

I’ve met several other groups of survivors, mostly traveling alone, but some in groups. Some good people, and some….literally insane. Heard tells of cannibalism, religious zelots, and bands of mercenaries. Maybe its my God given ability to talk the good talk, but I have for the most part been left alone. I witnessed two local military soldiers holding another person at gunpoint, they appeared to be stealing from him. I tried to act, but with the firepower they wielded I just ran, at least with the dead I know where I stand. I cant help but wonder if I should have done something, but when I think of Jenny and the kids, the choice is was clear. None of my business.

Some of the survivors said this disease or infection, whatever the fuck you call it is already infiltrated the east coast. I cant think about that now, I just have to find a way back to them. No matter what it takes.

Warren Thomas

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