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New inproved How to not get robbed!

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Okay to start this I would like to say that this is my opinion and way or take on this Thread or at least a more updated version.

Now that has been stated here are a few basics or steps to keep it organized.

1. Simply not having high grade prevents robbery's

a. This is a complete wrong metal state no matter how you look at it if you have something someone else wants it and simply depriving your self from items or gear doesn't prevent you from getting robbed.

2. Do you go to High populated areas such as Green mountain or the prison island?

a. If you said yes then you fall into one of three category's, One the people that are the problem starters their, two the people saying that area is no good, three the lucky ones who never have a single bad incident their.

b. now continuing on this you have to look at it from all standpoints most new or even experienced players go there only go because of it being a place known for trouble or because of the high traffic and they want in on the action or want some role play but find lacks of it there.

3. You follow main roads and get lost easy if not on one.

a. See now most people have a set path to get from place to place most follow from town to town and stop and loot on the way and a little bit have a lucky trait on being able to just simply say "that way is north if I run 3000 that way ill be in so and so location".

Okay so those are mostly ways people end up getting robbed now here are the changes you can make to not have that happen.

1. If you think having good gear means your going to get robbed youre right it will happen no stopping it but having any type of gear can get you robbed the best way to change this is groups.

a. so safety in numbers right? correct the more people you have with you that you can trust the less likely your going to have someone come up and rob you, not always full proof but average groups of 6 - 10 usually don't get bothered and some times get avoided.

2. if you go to a high chance/high populated area it increases the chance of danger.

a. If you tell your self that the only way to find role play is to go to green mountain then your most likely a hopeless cause, the best thing to do is to simply avoid them by 1 km and catch people leaving or going if you need to see people that badly.

3. I cant just say get the skill of knowing your exact location all the time.

a. the best way to get around large roads that are highly traveled is to and this is if you cant get to where you're going without it simply follow it but off the road by 50-100 meters but in line of sight with it, keep doing that until you can do it with a larger distance and so on and so forth. Also before heading head first into towns give them a quick look over to see if there is a large presence of people or any danger.

4. Know the moments of a soon robbery.

a. Some just movements if it is a well planed robbery would follow as seeing people in a large group start to get behind cover or you see them disappear with out word.

b. them asking nerves questions such as are you alone, are you in a group, you got any friends around, where did you find that gun I really like it.

okay so all that being said there are still many and I mean many ways to still prevent your self from getting robbed and this is only ways I've seen to help if you have any feel free to say it and if you want some clarification on any just message me.

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