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So i have seen that one off my friend got his whitelist revoked for not posting on the forums for the 30 days becouse he had nothing to add to the forums since he plays more then he looks on the forums.

why is the forums more important then the in game time play'd?

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This does not mean that the forum is more important than the ingame-thing.

I think he received an email where they say he has to post, so actually its his fault.

EDIT: even tho the forum is the basic

i mean without the forum the ingame would be like it is now.

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He only needs to post once to make sure he is active.

We use this to help prune accounts that are made but never used or the occasional bot etc.

If he managed to get whitelisted before it is fine for him to reuse the exact same one and explain what happened, he will likely be accepted faster :)


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