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Introduction to the girl wandering around

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My name I have discovered from the card in my pocket is Nyleea. There is no last name with it and I do not even know if it is truly mine. I woke up on the shores of Chernarus cold, damn and with an aching head and no memory of who I am. I only know I'm in Chernarus due to a map I found of the area in one of the empty houses I approached looking for help. Odd how the doors were open and no one was around, where is everyone?

I found a business card in my pocket, it's address belongs to a Berezino Lawyer, the card is pretty old and worn. On the back is what I assume is my name, it says "Nyleea, call me soon, Steven" Well I know I'm not a Steven so I may be Nyleea or I may not. I'll use the name for now.

I stay the first night in one of the abandoned houses. Locking myself into a 2nd floor room and pushing a dresser against the door. Now why did I do that? For some reason I felt the need to keep something out. Not sure what at the moment.

I slept fitfully that night, my mind busy with wondering who I am. The noises I kept hearing not helping. I kept thinking I was hearing someone moving around outside, were the owners coming home? At one point during the night I awake with a start, an unholy shriek still ringing in my ears. What was it? Was it my dream? Did I really hear it? Some animal maybe? All I know is that my heart beat in a terror that felt familiar.

The next morning I begin to prowl around the area, convinced now that what I'd heard must have been an animal in the area making the sounds through the night. I cautiously explore. I start to round a small shed when I see her, a woman standing near the tree's, totally still. Her skirt is lopsided but I won't tell her, don't want to embarrass the poor woman. I begin to move towards her when I hear that horrid shriek again, it's coming from her direction and it freezes me in place, warning bells going off in my head and fear spurring my feet to move as I duck into the shed to hide, my eye pressing to a nearby crack to see what is going on.

Someone is running towards the woman, something raised high over their head and brought down swiftly onto hers. Oh god what did I just witness. The woman's body falls and is still, the person keeps running. Details I can remember are vague, a helmet of some kind, looks like a motorcycle one. A backpack I can make out for sure, not much more before they are gone into the trees and only a slight sound of their movement through the branches the only sign they'd been there. Except for the woman's body of course.

I don't think there's anything I can do but I have to try. I creep out of my hiding spot, my hand brushing a shovel propped beside the door. I grab it and use it as a shield before me in case the attacker returns. I slowly approach the body laying in the grass, dread beginning to raise goosebumps across my skin as I watch the tree's for any danger.

I'm about five feet from the body when I notice the gore and dirt on her clothing, what the hell? I think to myself, my unease and dread screaming at me now to run, flee find a safe place. I force my feet forward until I can reach the body with my shovel, laying on it's side facing away from me. I hook the one edge of the shovel over the shoulder and tug it towards me, causing the body to roll onto it's back.

Oh god I want to throw up.

It's dead. It's dead dead. The person, it's not a person. It's a decaying corpse, it was walking, moving, shrieking. It was a zombie!

Memories begin to stir, news stories... They are drawn to noise. Approach from behind to kill them quietly without shrieks, which will draw more. Best way to kill a zombie is shoot it in the head, avoid cities if you can..

I back away clutching my shovel to my chest, my eyes scanning the area looking to see if more zombies were coming, I need to get out of here. I need to find food, water, something to keep me warm...I need to get to Berezino, see if I can find that office, see if there's any information there for me. Maybe find other survivors. The person in the helmet was heading in the general direction of Berezino according to the map of the area that I had found...I'll start there.

As I go through the last house in the area grabbing up warm clothing, food and anything that i could possibly use to survive I point my feet in the direction of Berezino..Maybe there I'll see something, hear something, maybe smell something to help trigger more memories..I just need to live long enough to find out who I am and if there's anyone out there looking for me..

My name is Nyleea....do you know me?

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I don't normally read these, but yours just grabbed me somehow. Immediately.

I'm close to Berezino, and always willing to help a fellow survivor.

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