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Frank Giameri (A Wanderer with Amnesia)

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Chapter 1: The Dead Man Next To Me


The sound of growls. A human making animalistic sounds had suddenly woken me up.

I opened my eyes, and tried to get up, my legs had failed me and I fell on top of the dead man next to me. Looking behind me where the sound was coming from, I saw a man, dressed in all military uniform. Some symbol that would be recognized as a Air Force was seen on the uniforms shoulder. But he wasn't really a man, half of his face had been ripped off, his leg looked broken, but he ran at me with more energy then I had ever seen.

My right hand, near the leg of the dead man, felt a handle of some sort in a sleeve of his boot. I pulled out whatever it was, and suddenly that horrible animalistic sound was right in my left ear, close enough to be kissed on the cheek, OR CLOSE ENOUGH TO BE BITE. I swung what ever was in my hand at the head of this creature, rolling it off from over me, and suddenly the sounds stopped... I had just stabbed a man, in the temple with a knife. I don't think I ever killed anyone before. And then it hit me, I don't think I remember anything at all.

Who was I? Why am I here? What is this broken helicopter doing in front of me, who was this dead man beside me? Why had this man try to bite my face off. What is wrong with my leg?

I look down to see a lot of blood and a big wound all around my leg, I started to hyperventilate, I felt no way to calm myself down, so I yelled out at the top of my lungs. Just a sound of pure pain, a sound similar to the man who tried to bite me "ERRRAAAGHHHH" I yelled as long as my breathe would allow me, and then I stopped.

Only hearing the echo of my scream in the fields, "help" I whispered. You could hear the feeling of a whimper in my throat as I said it. But no one was around. My eyes closed, and darkness.

...about half an hour later...

*Sound of feet moving along the grass*

I suddenly woke up again, "HELP!" I screamed, and then the feet had stopped. I heard them rotate, and that sound, the sound that man or creature had made, I heard it again. I looked at the helicopter, through the open doors and see two men walking slowly, dragging their feet. Again, they were both dressed in some sort of military uniform, Suddenly they had spotted me, and although I needed help, I knew they weren't it.

They started to run right towards me, two of these creature freaks. I had a bit of time to think, I look over at the dead man's body again, seeing a pistol. I grab the pistol, aim at one of the creatures, and pull the trigger *click* it isn't working. These things are getting at me closer. They are running right towards me! I whip the pistol and knock one of them in the head, but it doesn't even phase him. I grab my knife, and hold it out in front of me, as I lay on the ground. I hear their footsteps faster and faster, the arm I was leaning on gives out and I fall flat on my back, right next to the dead man.

The sound of the footsteps were as close as they were gonna get to me, I didn't feel sad, or bad for myself. I was going die, and I didn't even know who I was. But the only thing I remember feeling in the past few hours was constant pain, maybe I should just let them at me, end this misery...

But then the footsteps had ran right past me. Right over my head, and I heard the sudden movement of hooves, the sound of a big animal running away. I turn my head around and see, two of those creature things, pathetically chasing a deer down the field, far away from me. I had been spared, once again. And this gave me a feeling of wanting to stay alive. I crawled myself back to the helicopter, leaned on a cushion that had fallen out. I was about to fall asleep again, but no! I couldn't. I am just gonna get eaten in my sleep. So I lift myself up onto the helicopter, looking for anything to protect myself with. I find a military coat, a helmet, some gloves, a backpack, and I fill it with all things I see around that could be used as protection and padding. I grab it all, put it all on. The last thing I need is a gun, and right in the grass, outside the chopper I find it.

A weird looking one, for some reason the thought of "alien gun" is in my head.

I grasp the gun in my hands, lean against the chopper, hang my head and close my eyes.


These are the memories of Frank Giameri. A twenty-one year old Canadian boy.

Of course, as you have read from his thoughts, he doesn't really remember anything. Like his name, his age, and where he is from is lost somewhere in his brain. What you read here is all that he knows. He has a past, and he has a future. I could tell you all about him, what kind of person he is, how many siblings hes got, and what he plans to do. But that's not as much fun. As Frank remembers his past, and as he lives his future, that's when you will learn what he is really all about.

One thing you must note, is that what he learns about his past may not all be true. Influences from people who are trying to help him, or take advantage of him will help or hinder his recovery. And of course you can learn more about him if you actually have the chance to meet him in character.

If you do get that chance, don't be afraid to use or twist his thoughts, he is very vulnerable right now. Obviously without breaking any of the rules, once you learn of his condition IC do to him what you like. Pretend you knew him, pretend he was a friend, or an enemy. Or guide the future of his character and traits into something you want. But you must remember one last thing... his memory will come back.

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