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New FPS booster guide

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This one is a bit unique in the stance that it has new tricks up its sleeve all i can say is HOLY SHIT THE FRAMES!!!!! my max FPS on the coast was about 13 to 17 now its 19 to 30 it makes me want to cry in joy by the ammount of FPS im getting


Some side notes

step 1 will heat your computer up more

step 2 i didnt trust so i skipped

step 3 i already had that done before the video existed

step 4 basicly the same IG settings i was already set at

step 5 like in the video makes the game more snappier but lowers FPS just a little bit so for the people running on a potato skip step 5

step 6 By lower these trees would render in in long distences so trees on top of like green mountian wont show up from the road side

last note: SceneComplexity, lowering this value has a lot of impact on performance

As for that happy surviving and may the FPS be ever in your favor :D

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