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2scary4me thread ;_;

Sir Hawke

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  • Emerald

The title says it all!

Post videos or pictures of things that scare you the most in games or real life!

Ofc I will start V


In this video they show 3 SCP's that I never want to meet ever... In a million years, not even for 10000000000000 dollars!

Don't know the SCP numbers they have, but they have nicknames: Peanut, Old man and PMS monster!

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I'll never ever drink soda from an can after this. bastard :S

No pictures but this is a true story (even though it sounds like a urban legend)

One of the guys I used to play rpg's with loved pistachios(can't spell it) And his method of ingestion was that he poped the whole nut in his mouth and sucked the salt off. He then proceded to crack it by biteing it with his front teeth chew the nut and spit out the shell. Well this time he gaged and spat out a chewed spider...

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