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Several suggestions to replace/add vehicles and skins.

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So, past the last few days I came across many different vehicles in game which I personally think could be replaced with vehicles that fit the style of Day Z and the server much better.

I also would like to request the replacing of a few skins in the donation exchange with some others that fit the Chernarus environment better aswell as proposing to add a new kind of item to the mod.

But first of all, the vehicles.

I made a few screenshots so you guys can compare more easily:

1. The white Offroad

This is what it currently looks like:


And this is what should replace it in my opinion:


(Please note the colour that is more suitable for the Chernarus environment and the things like the floodlights on top and the spare wheel in the back, which makes it look much more like a post-apocalyptic vehicle)

2. The V3S

This is the current Civilian V3S:


Now, there is nothing wrong with it and it fits in perfectly, but there is a better version of this vehicle in ARMA:


It looks much grittier and the dirty cover on top looks much more immersive in my opinion.

3. The yellow Ural

This is what the Ural that is available in-game currently looks like:


It is all big and yellow and impossible to hide.

So here is my suggestion with what to replace it:


Again, this one looks grittier, more suitable for the environment and it also has no markings or anything on it, so perfect to put your own logo on it.

And while we are at it, I would also love to see the third Civilan version added to the mod alongside the green one:


It is the Ural of a logging company, has no cover and fits perfectly into the environment as there is a lot of forest in Chernarus (possible spawn could be the lumber mill)

Those are the 3 vehicles that I would like to see replaced, now onto the ones that I would love to see added:

1. The Lada


Because what kind of post-soviet country is this if there are no Ladas around?

2. The Datsuns


They fight right into the environment with their makeshift looking kind-of reinforced cosntruction and they would be a great addition to the car pool, especially because there are also...

3. Armed Datsuns


Now I know what you are thinking "Oh no, technicals are so over powered, we can't have them on the server", but let me tell you something first:

Those armed pickups are literally the weakest armed vehicles in the game. They blow up just like any other pickup or car in the game, they are not armoured and you can still shoot the people who sit in them easily. The actual gun that is mounted on top is nothing but a PKM, a gun that you can aquire normally in the game. The guns mounted on top are really static, you cannot even traverse to the full left or full right with them, so in order to shoot someone the driver of the car has to expose the windshield towards the target.

In my opinion those pickups would be an awesome addition and would add a whole lot more to roadblocks or convoys.

So far we have covered the vehicles.

Now I would like to talk about skins available in the skin exchange:

1. The Bardak skin

Please replace the current one with this Bardak skin, as the current one has white pants etc. and is not suitable for the environment at all and this one looks much better:


2. The PMC/Civilian skins

I would love to see some of the more generic survivor skins with the headphones get replaced with those two skins, as they look much more like actual geared up survivors.


I think it is self-explanatory why.

So much for the skins, now I would like to talk about the addition of a very important thing now that we have a proper night cycle again.



Seriously, they would add so much immersion during the night.

Place them at TP, place some around the military outposts, perhaps even some within the cities, but please, just add them.

Let me demonstrate how awesome they are.

Night time. Full moon. Dark barn.


But turn on the lights and.... bam! A survivor!


Even if the other suggestions are dismissed, I still think searchlights would be a massively great addition.

And who knows, perhaps one of the mod devs could even make them transportable (hint, hint).

Just think of the possibilities for roadblocks.

Anyway. Thanks for your patience in reading this and I am awaiting your comments!

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  • MVP

If you are able, please backup the skins/vehicles with their classnames. It would help devs/Rolle to put it in if call is made :)

Other than that - I like all ideas. GJ

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  • Emerald

I support technicals, the Ural replacement, and the floodlights. They would give a 28 days later look to places like the tp. Some scattered across military checkpoints like Balota, the hotel in Cherno, etc. would look creepy.

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  • MVP

+10000 for searchlights.

Scary as shit.

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Guest Wookiebookie

Armed Datsuns would be amazing!

On a sidenote, i am glad to see so many people spreading my art these days @ComradeIvan @Goz

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  • Legend

Hazmat skin for lootable skin would be nice too. Maybe add rest of the post apocalypse unit skins too. And FDF Skins too for the Fins.

All this +10,000. And floodlights.

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Classnames for the vehicles and the skins:

1. Green Toyota Offroad is hilux1_civil_1_open

2. Covered V3S is V3S_TK_GUE_EP1

3. Green Ural is Ural_Chechen (That's from the mod you got the Chechen Rebel skins from)

4. The blue open Ural is UralCivil2

5. The Ladas are Lada1 and Lada2

6. The Datsuns are datsun1_civil_1_open (regular one), datsun1_civil_2_covered (covered one) and datsun1_civil_3_open (tubeframe)

7. The technicals are Pickup_PK_GUE and Pickup_PK_INS

Now the skins:

1. The Bardak replacement is Ins_Che_Bardak (From the Chechen rebels thing)

2. The two PMC skins are Soldier_Sniper_PMC and Soldier_Sniper_KSVK_PMC

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