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Hey there

Guest [LWH] Samsonite

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Guest [LWH] Samsonite

Hey. [LWH] Brian here, the LWH is Lone Wolf Hero, as it has been my tag for a long time, and I live by the rules of being a random hero usually roaming around on my own on servers.

I'll prolly be playing a old timer doc on the server, hanging around the major cities, dispensing blood bags to those who need, and setting up a small base in a house somewhere near.

Hope to see u ingame at some point, if i get whitelisted.. :)

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Hey! Welcome!

Good luck for your application!

Make sure you check out this guide, it covers everything you need to know about DayZRP!

If you don't plan on being a lone wolf forever, check the Clans and Groups section of the forum! We currently have two (I think?) clans really dedicated to medical services : EMS and Free Medics, you could try to apply to them (I'm not personally in any of these clan, but I know them a little)!

Good luck out there! If you need anything, feel free to ask!

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