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Looking for my conscience

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  • MVP

Are you or have you found my conscience? Please contact me!

I was running around Elektro about an hour ago after passing out. Went into the supermarket holding a chemlight when I heard footsteps. I ask "who is there?" when someone starts speaking, saying he is my conscience. Yeah. My conscience talked to me. I asked him again who the fuck he was, and he answered that it wasn't important. I said he was friendly, he said he was friendly (of course he is, being my conscience), and then all of a sudden he was gone.

When I was at the pub later I was getting mauled by zombies, so I did the only thing I could have done: I asked my conscience for help. No response. But then someone, somewhere, threw a flare. My conscience helped me, without saying a word!

Thank you, conscience. You're like a guardian angel. A really creepy one. But I don't like not knowing who my conscience is. It gives me bad dreams. Could you please make yourself known?

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  • Emerald

"Gus! This is your Conscience, Gus!"

"You've been a very naughty boy, Gus!"

"Leaving dead banana peels on the floor, so people slips on them."

"Bin bags! To dispose of bio-degradable banana skins? You must be punished!"

Did it go like this?

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