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Day at the beach!

Guest curtis

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Guest curtis

I can feel the waves wash up over my body and rush back into the ocean. The sounds of Seagulls in the distance and the waves clapping against a rock embankment off into the short distance. My eye's are closed, a small smile on my face as I lay, lost in past memories of a happier time. The vivid smell of the ocean brings me back to a warm summer day at the beach with my wife Emily and my son, Hunter. We were so happy back then, the only care in the world I had was going to work. It's funny how you can complain about having to work, about having a place to be in your daily routine, a feeling of security I would give just about anything for again. First world problems, huh? Yea. At least they were.

I slowly open my eye lids after several minutes, holding onto that shred of happiness for as long as I could. Rubbing my eye's as I slowly get to my feet and let my sight adjust to the bright sun. After a quick stretch to keep the appendages limber I bring my pack down to the ground and have a look inside. A roll of gauze I have been using to bandage myself, looks like I have one application left on the roll, great. A few painkillers and a flashlight. It's not much, but if I hadn't stumbled across this pack back when I did, I would hate to see where I would be now.

As I sling the pack back over my shoulders I look to the western horizon, my quick scan reveals a few roof tops. With a deep exhale I head off towards this small town in hopes of finding some food left behind. It's been at least 10 hours since my last meal, if you could call it that. I was lucky enough to come across a squirrel snared in a trap, I was so hungry I didn't even care that I was unable to cook it. I've been keeping my distance from the roads. For some reason these monster's linger around them. Maybe it's the person they used to be still inside them looking to be saved, they're chilling to watch. Unnatural movements, ungodly stench, and they're actually rotting, even as they move about and feed off of living flesh, they rot. Their moans will forever haunt my conscience.

Finally made it to the first house, I'm sticking to the back yards as not to alert the horde out on the streets. I don't like coming to town's like this, but I have to do thing's I don't like if I want to survive. No more commodities. I lucked out! The back door is opened. A quick scan from the back yard in through the door show's it to be empty. Slowly I walk inside and scope out the house wall to wall. No one in here but me. Slowly I close the door as not to alert any unwanted guests of my position. Immediately I go to locate the kitchen. Finding the kitchen I see it's a disaster, silverware all over the floor, smashed plates and glasses all over. Blood stains on the wall and floor have become the norm. I don't even pay any attention to them anymore. Spending too much time paying attention to details that don't matter to your survival will eventually turn you into just another blood stain on someone's floor.

Score! There was 3 can's of beans in their Pantry among other rotted food. Good thing for preservatives! I throw 2 can's into my pack and scurry to the kitchen to find a can opener. After I slurp down my much needed canned meal, I toss the can opener into my pack and start to fill up a water bottle I found on the floor from their tap. Just as I cap the bottle and place it into my pack I feel my heart almost explode from my chest as I hear it. The door knob. I get enough sense in my head to hide under the kitchen table, just in time too as the door slowly creeks open revealing a long shadow stretching across the floor.

To be continued...

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