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Server numbers disparity.


Should we attempt to correct the disparity of numbers often present on the servers?  

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Hey all,

I wanted to put out a point for discussion, often at peak times a significant portion of a server is taken up by 1 - 2 clans, often around 50% with just the one clan. This obviously creates huge disadvantages to the people in smaller clans or those not in one at all.

My question is, should we considering doing something about it or should we leave it as normal RP where people will tend to amalgamate into a few extremely strong units?

I am personally in two minds, on one hand the weighting of people in but a few clans makes it very difficult to get things done. On the other hand they created their clans through their own hard work and should not be punished at all for it.

I will upload a screenshot to demonstrate to 'issue'.

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It's a natural occurrence. Anyone who knows a friend on the server will want to clan with them. Anyone who doesn't know someone will look for a clan to get some friends.

Unless some people truly roleplay lonesome characters, they'll gravitate towards the best groups.

I'm all for more diversity, though, if people had the creativity and determination for it.

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I definitely understand and generally agree with that perspective Employer.

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In my opinion, if the access to the server is restricted for big clans, people won't be interested in being part of a "bigger" clan.

As for the disavantage for the lone-wolfs and smaller clans: you're right. But it's true everywhere! If you're playing a basketball game with 2 players on the match and the other team has the usual amount, you're going to have a huge disavantage.

I think things shouldn't change for now. The most people I've seen online from the same clan was 15 and I didn't even meet them. If you're careful, it'll all be fine!

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most of the MMOs i played there were real skill involved so in theory clans with half the numbers could fight the large zergs due to tactics/play styles.

Its alot harder to win 2:1 in a shooter, though i have seen some of the larger clans use advanced tactics and being well organized its not so undeserved.

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