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Hey guys,

I've recently joined (5 minutes ago ;D) and I was wondering if it's allowed to record a video on this server and if it is; do you need to give credits to this ''Community(?)'' or if there are any other conditions. I think that if I were to upload a video with gameplay from this server I'd put a link to this site in the description anyway, but it's good to know if there are any special rules about uploading content.

I'm sorry if there already is a thread about this topic but I couldn't find any so I made a new one.



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Well, yes it is allowed to record ahhaah

I'm always recording for my videos.

Also, it's even recommended to have fraps ready in case of a robbery/KOS.

I think Rolle will apreciate if you do video to promote the server, i'm trying to do some.

Maybe we could work together :)

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You wouldn't be the only one that records video on the server!

As far as I know, you can, but put the link of the website (www.dayzrp.com) in the description and present it.. (this is a no KOS server, RP, *blabla*)!

Check out TRP's videos and Wrathz' videos for some examples!

Good luck, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask!

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This community is amazing haha I've never had such quick replies :) Really appreciate it. and as far as working together yeah sure!!! My channel is really really small but if you want you can check it out: http://www.youtube.com/user/Powdermen/ :)

Will do!

If you want to share your videos, feel free to post them in the Media section of the forum! I'm pretty sure you'll get people following your adventures!

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