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CLF logo and signature contest


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CLF needs YOU !

We are looking for talented graphic artist to refurbish our current logo and work on signature for whole clan.

For help on this matter we can offer ingame services( gear,protection or any other task we can perform for you while clan members are online) and even exclusive GM's insight and help (along server rules and good taste,common sense of course :D ). Other forms of 'thanks' for assignment can be discussed - PM us (ZeroXiz,SumoS,Anubian and me - send via many Recipients).

What do we need (first draft) :

  1. Refurbishing of current logo

    1. It needs to have a more 'real' looks like military patches
    2. The artwork should stay in shades of current green/grey and black.
    3. It should give an impression of velcro material patch, a little bit torn -weared up
    4. Patch should contain graphic refurbished logo and full name of 'Chernarus Liberation Front' or 'CLF' shortcut on it
    5. Patch should be made in 2 resolutions - high for forum use, and low (256x256px in .png and .paa for ingame squad.xml use).

[*] Signature

  1. Signature should be around 500x200px (longer if needed but not much wider)
  2. Signature should contain refurbished logo, place for individual name of a member, place for individual rank of a member (like : Leader,Officer,Soldier,Recruit) , place for individual post (to be specified)

Details on both assigment and 'thanks' will be worked out on the run. Either via PMs with interested artists or put here on forums.

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Thx wookiebookie for your input. Your logo design will be taken into consideration. Such hard worked piece of art cant we left without noticing!

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Very Nice Murdentist submission : o0b791.png

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Hmmm, I'm 'torn' a bit now. I like simple but spot on murdentist logo.

Anubian ones looks cool too, but I don't like the 'fantasy' swords and there are too many tears in material. What do you think ?

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I love the texture on the swords. They make look a bit fantastical but shrunken down I think they could like excellent badges or pins on the fabric.

Maybe fill in a few holes but I like that it has textures that portray a group that finds and uses what they scavenge.

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Mhm, Anubian if you could make a version with less holes and maybe switch the stars to five armed ones ? Oh, and like SumoS pointed out too - could you shrink the swords a bit?

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Yeah, tell me how many holes you want, how large and can edit anything, the beauty of using 3d models --- they are easily replaced or remade :D

i have 12 hours at uni today so i do not think i shall finish it for at least 13 hours :P

Also my friend from New Zealand said she wants to one up us all as she is a real logo designer for real industries lol we may expect something amazing.

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I very much like the Murdentist submission ... partly cause its 50% mine but mostly cause of the addition of the patch-like texture and edging.

Yeah I basically took the original and filled in the tears and added the border. Nothing special. It was just supposed to be a temp in the mean time but I think it would be cool as the "in-game" logo for our arm patches. At such a small resolution it is easy to see.

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I personally like Murdentist refresh the most. If only it was in higher resolution(for forum use) and had just a more photorealistic image(more detailed stiches,fabric look, maybe seperate sword/letters/stars 'stich outline' or something to make them look more as metal pins(sword +stars) ) I would lobby for picking it as a winner. Srsly, its same style (resembles old logo) but with added looks so it doest look cartoony that much. I like it.

Gonna wait though for what others can propose as well, it sounds promising.

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