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Your Role-Play Experience


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I'm actually curious about how long a lot of the people here have been role-playing. This is more a question for the older players since I'd like to get a feel for the backgrounds but the youngins are more than welcome as well of course.

I'll start us off: I'm 27 and have been playing tabletop games since I was 8, my mom actually got me started with D&D and when I was 11 we got a WebTV (That's old school internet right there) which got me into chatroom role-play.

Since then I've branched out into various IRC servers, done a bit of forum role-play but nothing extremely serious, and usually play in text-based RPGs called MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons). The whole reason I came here was because I was excited to play a game I enjoyed with the role-play I love so dearly.

What about you? I've heard a lot of people talk about SA:MP which I haven't tried because I don't have San Andreas. Anyone else actually like text-based games? Forum RP? Chatrooms?

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I'm 23. I never roleplayed until I was 16 and I got into SA:MP which had fun RP servers. the rules were complex for me at first (this rp was nuts yes's and no's for stabbing each other and mugging each other. it was crazy!) but I understand the basic aspect of roleplaying and it is satisfying. :D

BTW free copies exist out there that SAMP works with. *whispers* just sayin' :P

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Guest MARTiN

Probably started with my friend playing on a RP server on WoW. I watched him play and sometimes i joined him... Wasnt really a fan of it.. i was probably around 13-14 there.

When i started playing Gmod i probably played RP for like 1 and a half year probably.

Then it was kind of in a circle of games i played, like it went from Gmod -> WoW -> Mw2 -> then back n stuff.

Then ive just played WoW and rped sometimes.

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