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Combat Log bug.

Guest Cadan

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Guest Cadan


I was banned, for supposedly combat logging. When in fact I didn't.

It is said that, I got shot, then logged out, when that is not the case. I'd just shot 2 guys, they returned fire. One of 'em hit me in the head, knocking me to the floor, whitescreen, basically dead. Nothing seemed to happen.

It's a common bug... I logged out assuming I was dead.

I have 2 witnesses, TightPants and ChillPhill. I said in ts I was dead.

I did not ALT F4, My keyboard wouldn't even allow it... :D It's a gaming keyboard, and the F4 is on the side of it rather than the top, and I have no need to use it. As I wouldn't combat log, I had a lee, why would I need to log to survive?

Imo, A glitch happened. I should of died yes, but it's a ALPHA game, I did nothing wrong. I could not help it, that happened to me in my last death.

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We've decided to change your ban to a character reset. You were already banned for 1 day, so the punishment has been 1 day and a character reset.

Let us hope you don't glitch out again!

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Guest Vladimir Zombin

I know I am not allowed, but still, I feel like I have to post: during the past days, whenever I died, it has happened the same, so there's clearly a faulty thing in the code maybe (? don't wanna blame anyone with this!) that causes this "death lag", which puts you in a state in which you can't tell if you're actually dead. It's also happening on other servers, running, so it's something in DayZ code, which probably can be fixed with proper knowledge.

If I get warned for this, I regret nothing.

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