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Every Man for Himself - Chapter One

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Every Man for Himself

Chapter One

Barry 'Panzer' Peters lay on his bunk, staring at the ceiling fan spinning away. Another night with no kip.. how long had it been tonight, four.. maybe five hours? His eyes had long since adjusted to the dark. He finished his rollie and flicked the butt across the room onto the steadily growing pile of filth in the corner. Beer Cans, Vodka Bottles, Porn Magazines.. Moreta would have a fit if she saw the state he was in now.. Living like an animal..


He closed his eyes and let the darkness come back. Best not start thinking again eh?

Luckily that particular train of thought was derailed by the sound of shuffling outside. He sat bolt upright and reached under his pillow for his Bowie Knife.. Maybe one of the boys had stepped outside to take a piss?

But you know its not.. you know what it is..

He and Marcus had cleared the area of Infected that afternoon, they'd even patrolled the surrounding woodland to be sure, as per Mr. Morello's instructions. Messy work, he'd had to burn that wifebeater he'd been wearing because it was saturated with blood, and it stank. They got the job done, though.

But it's never over.. it never stops..

He got up and looked out of the window into the field beyond, though even from the second foor up he couldnt see shit. He headed for the door, grabbed the doorknob and hesitated for a moment. What if there's more than one? He looked over at the M4 hanging on the edge of his bunk..

Too loud.. Remember what happened at the border?

Fuck that, not again. He unsheathed the Knife and stepped outside into the hallway, down the stairs, and stopped at the back door of the Farmhouse. Hold on a second.. Who's watch was it? Why couldnt he remember?

He opened the door and the cold morning air hit him. Judging by the colour of the sky it must have been about Five or Six am..

He could still hear that shuffling.. He shivered, and a wave of anger washed over him. Who's supposed to be out here? It should have been dealt with by now, judging by the sounds of it, its almost halfway round the back of the house. It should have been spotted already, before it'd even made it to the yard!

What if theres nobody here..?

The thought hit him. There's no way any Infected would make it this close to the farmyard if someone was on watch tonight.

They done a runner Barry. They left you.

No. Admittedly things had been a bit dodgy lately, yeah. After what happened yesterday with that lad on the push bike, when he wouldn't give up his gun. How he'd handled it, given the situation. He couldn't have been any older than fifteen, he shouldn't have been packing, he was doing him a favour. Looking out for the lad..

You murdered him.

He pushed the thought out, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth.

He cornered the house, crouched and peeked around the wall towards where the footsteps sounded like they were coming from.


Just grass, trees and haybales wrapped in morning fog. Could have been anything, he figured. There was still the odd Fox, Rabbit, even a Cow here and there, that hadn't been lunch for the Infected. They'd seen them on the way in that day. He realised he'd been holding his breath, and let it all out, relieved. He kept the knife up to his shoulder though, best not get careless now.

You got careless last time.

He headed back to the rear door, and felt every hair on his body stand on end.

He'd left the door wide open..

To Be Continued

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