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Guest yecal

Hello all. I am new to rp, and fairly new to pc games. So forgive me if my rp or my game skills are not too great.

Anyhow, my backstory...

Before this whole crazy virus started, I was a housewife. The day that it reached my hometown I was making my husband a BLT sandwich for when he got home from work, and watching my favorite day time soap. The emergency broadcast suddenly interrupted, there was not much information given except to stay in your home and make sure all doors and windows were secured. By this time I could hear the commotion outside; car alarms, screams, and gunshots. I ran up stairs and grabbed my husbands pistol, as I made my way back down I hear my husband's old truck pull up outside. I ran out the door with the pistol in one hand and the sandwich I made him in the other. We made our way out of town as fast as possible, and drove to my family's farm an hour north of the city. My family was gone but the cows and some much needed supplies were still there. I now spend my days roaming the country hoping to find my family, alive or as zombies.

Most of the time I will be running around Chernarus with my husband. However, since I tend to get a little more obsessed with video games, I will be roaming alone at times. I am friendly and would be more than happy to share my beans, blood bags, or help in any way.

In real life my story is not much different. I am a housewife, formerly a country girl and yes my family owns a farm with cows. Since my in game story is not to far from my real life hopefully the role playing comes easily.

I look forward to meeting and playing with you all.

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