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Good afternoon!

Guest Wraith

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Guest Wraith

Was recently accepted and wanted to say hello and introduce myself! I look foward to seeing you all in game.For the same of somthing diffrent ill toss my char bio in.

Wraith grew up in the small American town of Camp Lejune, North Carolina. Following in his father's footsteps he joined the United States Marine Corps and had a promising future, though his temper and general poor disposition towards authority lead to an altercation involving his commanding officer and a broken jaw. After being dismissed from the amed forces, he tried his hand at being a mercenary for hire. Up until the fortunate day a contract led him to the land of Chernarus where he met his lovely wife in the small town of Guglovo. (She has applied to be whitelisted as well.) Putting away his guns, and determined to make an honest living from the land he settled down and enjoyed the simple life. But in this day and age, happy endings are only reserved for the story books. As not long after the infection began, leaving all they had save a few things they drove break neck to Chernogorsk in hopes of inding passage on one of the ships docked in the harbor. What they found will haunt them to the end of time, hordes of undead pulling the living from the gangpalanks, and side of the fleeing boats. Fires and a thick cloud of death had settled in, forcing them to run to the coast in hopes of passage in Elektrozavodsk. There they managed to claw their way on board a fishing boat headed out, but even that was found to be a foolish hope as the infection had beaten them to it. As the crew turned they jumped overboard, and swam back to the mainland. With no choice or options left they crawled up the shore and confronted the aftermath of a world ruled by the undead.

I see Dae was accepted as well so there goes my better half as mentioned above xD

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Welcome to DayZRP Wraith !

I'm glad we met in the supermarket, it was entertaining.

T.O.R is always glad to meet/help people in these land !

Hope to see you around soon !

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

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Hey W!

Like Kahmul said, I'm glad we met in the supermarket!

Here's the guide I was talking to you. It covers the basics of the forum and the server!

Make sure you take a look at the Clans and Groups section of the forum! You told me you wanted to be friendly... I'm pretty sure you'll find a clan/group you'll fit in! (SRF are good guys and I know them well... They're nice!) although, I'll let you check every possibility! There are bandit-hunters, medics, etc.

If you need anything, don't be shy and ask! We'll all be glad to help!

If you need in-game help, TOR or any other friendly clan you may encounter can help! Just send someone a PM asking!

Take care and thanks again for the TP lift!

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